Any group of people can meet effectively, productively and meaningfully.  You can even enjoy it!

If the thought of your next staff meeting, or board meeting, or committee meeting, makes you groan…

If just reading the word “meeting” fills you with dread…

It can get better!

How we meet together is as important as why we meet.  Meetings can get old, stale, even painful.  But each and every person who sits around the table has the capacity for inspiration, playfulness and a deep desire to have their work and the hours of their lives mean something.

Let me know how we can begin to work towards transforming your meetings, revisioning your work and making your time together matter.

I bring a background in facilitation, Open Space, nonprofit organizational management, leadership development, creating ritual space and community building.  Most of all, I want to help you identify and build on the strengths your group already has to create meaningful, lasting change in the ways you work together.

Planning can help your organization to:

  • Connect to core values
  • Envision work that is energizing and makes a difference
  • Bring in the resources you need to realize that vision
  • Get everyone on the same page